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The Top Ten Fashion Accessory Trends for This Fall

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

The summer, sadly, is drawing to a close for most of us and that means it’s time to re-think your wardrobe for the fall and beyond. Trying to stay one step ahead of the fashion curve can always be something of a chore and that’s why we are here to give you some helpful tips.

The importance of a good accessory or two should never be overlooked. Your overall outfit may be on point but the addition of a good bit of extra detailing can be just what is needed to make you stand out from the crowd.

Conversely, sometimes a dour or basic outfit can be saved and accentuated, in a good way, by the selection of one or two great accessories that can turn your wardrobe into an inspiration and will make heads turn in your direction.

Here’s a list of ten great accessories for this coming fall.

Hobo Bags

These come hot on the heels of the massive tote bags that everyone was joyfully wearing over the summer. Again size is key, go with a large comfortable shape and don’t be afraid to push it with bright colors. This is a great trend for those who can’t leave the house without taking all their belongings with them.

Initial Necklaces

Personalized jewelry is quite literally a gift that keeps giving. Over the summer these were all the rage and we strongly suggest that you get yourself a nice initial necklace, you can find great ones here, and look to be playful with these and try to get those that work well with a number of outfits. These delightful necklaces can be classy or fun, sometimes both, and therefore are versatile enough to be worn during the work day or on a night out.

Padded Sandals

As fall, hopefully, will not see an instant drop in temperature, you should still be able to leave your feet bare and padded sandals are very much ‘in’ at the moment. The comfier and more quilted you can get, the better. Jet black is a good color to go with and these are good for day time walks when it’s still fresh and breezy outside.


These follow on nicely from the peak summer trend of the silk scarves that were all the rage this year. Again, much like with the silk scarves, these are very adaptable and can be worn in a million ways. Either as bandanas, or high on the head as kerchiefs or even as scarves when it gets a little chilly. These are part of the ‘grandma’ trend that won’t seem to leave us.

Big Sunglasses

Big is beautiful and with sunglasses this is doubly true. Look to get oversized shades and ones that are really blingy, dark in color with additional detailing to really make them pop. These are really good for those fall days where the sun is still bright, albeit with the temperature a few degrees lower than we’d like.

Arm Warmers

Of the trendy accessories we are listing here, this one is perhaps the most daring. If you are courageous enough, or confident in your fashion choice, these can be both chic and functional. Pair them with your tank tops and try to go for muted colors, as there’s no need to be too brash with the items. Most main street stores are selling these by the bucketload, so go try some out.


These are a trend that has pushed right through the summer to the fall and we are very pleased about that too. Again, as in the summer, the trendy accessories of 2021 are very with a nod to comfort and informality. Whereas the summer was all about bright garish colored scrunchies, you might want to tone down the color and style choices with your fall scrunchy selection.

Boat Hats

Much like the arm warmers, these are a fairly courageous choice and one that isn’t for everyone. Tightly woven straw Boat hats are very eye-catching and you should consider getting one and wearing them on occasions where you want to be noticed out there.

Big Statement Bows

Very much a nod to the 80s, these are deliberately showy and a fun way to accessorise. The bigger the bow the better. Try for black bows and ones that are paired nicely with the rest of your look. Think about wearing these with a statement belt for that truly retro vibe. Clearly if you have big hair then this will be an even more suitable option to consider.

Super Sized Earrings

If the summer was about function over form then think of the fall being a little bit of a move in the opposite direction. Here the key is to go for super sized earrings, the style of which should be in keeping with your overall outfit, and these should be truly ‘out there’ and perfectly coupled with an evening look. Again this requires you being self-assured enough to pull off the fashion trend.

Have Fun With It!

2021 is something of an improvement on 2020, for most of us anyway, and fashion gives us the chance to outwardly project how we feel and the statement we are trying to make to the world. The accessories are the details that can really make that statement sing, so have fun with it!