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Ultimate Checklist for Hiring a Contractor in New Mexico

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Hiring a contractor will save you time, energy, and effort in dealing with how to build your new home. However, sometimes this is not the case especially if you make the mistake of choosing someone who isn’t really up to the task. Yes, I’m saying this right from the start because ultimately, you have to take responsibility for the kind of person or company that you would hire to lead this important life project.

So to avoid the hassle and headache of choosing the wrong contractor (especially if you’re living in New Mexico), I’ve listed down a complete checklist of things you need to consider before you sign any paperwork to get started!


Contractors in New Mexico must be licensed with the CID in order to get any legitimate projects. So be wary of those who can’t even show you proof of their license before getting started. Having a license ensures you of a particular contractor’s experience in building homes, buildings, and other structures. I know it might be a bit more pricey, but it’s worth the cost if your home or structure stands the test of time.

Call the Better Business Bureau

If the potential contractor does show you a license but you’re not that convinced, you can contact the Better Business Bureau and check if their business is listed in the agency. It’s always a good practice to look at the BBB’s list of legitimate businesses in your area before making any deals with someone. This is very important for anyone who wants to make it a point to hire the right guys for the job.

Well-written contract

Now that you’ve established the authenticity of the company you’re going to work with, it’s time to draft your contract. The contract is an important part of your project because it details the extent of liability that your contractor has. The same goes for you. The contract can stipulate how long the project will last, how much is the cost, and other important designs.

Be sure to check this thoroughly before signing the agreement. If you’re not aware of some legal terms, you can also have it checked with a lawyer to make sure you won’t get shortchanged. Remember to put in a cancellation provision and any extension of work for reasons like natural calamities and shipment delays.

Keep in mind that the contract is meant to protect you and the contractor so don’t neglect reading through it thoroughly.

Ask for a warranty

While New Mexico doesn’t really require licensed contractors to provide warranties, you may want to ask your contractor about this still. Why? Well, of course, it protects you from possible issues arising from the work for a good amount of time after project completion. Your contractor will likely agree, especially if he’s pretty confident about his workmanship.

Proof of insurance

Aside from the warranty, you must also know if your contractor protects his work and his workers, too. You can be aware of this by asking for proof of insurance from your contractor. This adds an additional layer of security for the work the company will be doing for you.

Inspect quality work and materials used

While everything looks good on paper and with the BBB, you still have to visit the construction site from time to time to inspect how the work is going and what materials are being used during construction. Good contractors will display a good sense of rhythm during work hours and it will show how efficient they work and the quality of materials they are using and you won’t find that out if you’re just going to wait for the project to be finished.

If all these conditions have been met, then there is no reason for you not to engage with this specific contractor for a long time. You can even recommend the company to your friends and family to make sure that they, too, are getting the same excellent quality service in New Mexico.

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