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Vienna Attack: Several Killed in Shooting Incident Near City’s Main Synagogue

A large-scale police operation is under way in Vienna following a shooting incident in the Austrian capital.

According to police, several people have been injured in the shooting.

However, state broadcaster ORF TV is reporting that several people were killed.

The interior minister described the incident as a “terror attack” and said that one attacker had been killed.

Another attacker was “on the run” in the Austrian capital after the shooting.

Police have urged people to avoid all public spaces in the area and not to take public transport.

Road blocks have been set up around the city center. Footage posted on social media showed people running as what was reported to be gunshots could be heard.

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The shooting took place in the center of the city, hours before the midnight start of a nationwide lockdown, one of several being imposed in Europe to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

The area where the shooting took place is packed with bars and Vienna’s main temple, the Seitenstettengasse synagogue, but it was not clear if they had any connection to the violence.

Jewish community leader Oskar Deutsch tweeted that it was unclear if the Vienna synagogue was targeted in the attack as it was closed at the time.

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