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5 Crisis-Management Tips for Business Owners

Image by Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 Alpha Stock Images

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s to always expect the unexpected. Thriving economies can be stalled at a moment’s notice, lucrative deals can fall apart at the final hurdle, and even the most stable businesses are vulnerable to external pressures. In other words, all business leaders eventually have to address an organizational crisis. The good news is that being prepared for this moment will help you meet it and protect your business from any potential threat. To that end, here are five crisis-management tips all business owners should know:

Install Safeguards

Many business leaders are, by their very nature, optimists. After all, you have to possess a certain amount of self belief to become an entrepreneur in the first place. Nevertheless, even optimists should have contingency plans and internal safeguards ready to go should a big problem arise. Never embark on any project unless you have a backup plan in place. Otherwise, you could end up scrambling to address an issue you don’t know how to solve.

Assemble a Winning Team

The best leaders understand how to delegate important tasks effectively. Of course, in order to delegate assignments, business leaders need to first surround themselves with capable colleagues. So making quality hires is essential to long-term business viability. Ideally, a business leader should feel comfortable trusting their team to handle any major issue that may come up. And if they’re not, they should reconsider their internal structure.

Remain Solutions Oriented

When a big project goes south, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with panic or fear. However, business leaders need to remain calm and solutions-oriented when addressing a serious issue. Staying positive won’t make a problem go away, but it will help you salvage what you can even when things look bleak.


New tech, procedures, and ideas could –– in some instances –– provide business owners with a solution to a potential crisis. Naturally, adopting a new methodology at the 11th hour won’t be easy. That’s why business leaders must be willing to embrace innovation and to remain patient with a new process.

Pull Out All the Stops

It should go without saying, but when their organization is in trouble, business leaders should spring into action and do whatever it takes to improve the situation. For example, booking private jet rentals to set up time-sensitive meetings could give you a way to broker an important deal. Or, hiring a third-party expert like a lawyer or financial consultant could help you navigate a tricky set of circumstances. Regardless, going the extra mile could very well prove the difference between saving your business and losing it. So when things get tough, make sure you get going!