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5 Great Career Options for Fashion Lovers


Most people picture models or fashion designers when they think of the fashion industry. While these are two of the most prominent career options in the fashion world, they are not the only ones. Just like any creative field, the word of fashion is highly competitive, with lots of different career paths fashion lovers can follow. Luckily for fashion lovers, getting into this industry does not have to be hard if you position yourself well. That said, getting to the very top will depend on your efforts. Below, we will look at some options you could consider if you love fashion and would like to work in the fashion industry.

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Design Assistant

The fashion industry more or less runs on design assistants’ efforts. Design assistants work with fashion designers, and even though fashion designers come up with the creative vision of a show or brand, it is the design assistants who bring it all together. Design assistants are responsible for checking garments before fitting models. They also attend trade shows, coordinate schedules, track clothing samples, and manage studios.

Fashion Designers

Fashion designers are the creative engine of the fashion world. They come up with the designs for new clothing styles or brands. Depending on the companies that hire them, these designers can work in any specialization, including childrenswear, adult fashion, or sportswear. If this is a career option you long for, you can start by being a freelance fashion designer. Here, you can come up with designs and tailor them so that fashion houses and retailers can see them. A pro tip here is to always check any designs using a dress form. These are available for personal or business use. These dress forms let you see the garments on a body and allow you to make the necessary alterations before showcasing your creations in front of other people.

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Buyers are the people responsible for bringing the greatest and latest designs to retail shelves and racks. Their job is to ensure the stores are always stocked with products that people want to buy. In some cases, they might have to dig deep to get clothes that people would love but do not know they want yet.

To become a fashion buyer, you need to have a solid understanding of how retail works. You also need to be able to take pressure and stress well because the success of a store will often be up to you. This career path is for people who can predict what customers will want in the future, which makes it very challenging.

Fashion Journalist or Writer

Fashion journalists and writers are responsible for covering the fashion industry. For you to be successful here, you must love fashion and have a hunger to learn everything you can about fashion. You must also have great writing and oratory skills if you want to be hired by a fashion powerhouse. Lastly, you should have a likable personality because you will meet a lot of people, and if you do not have this type of personality, they might never want to work with you again.

Fashion Publicist

Fashion publicists are responsible for maintaining a positive image of a brand or business. Their primary job is to build relationships with people who can help them help their clients stay in people’s minds and be viewed positively. Because of that last point, fashion publicists can sometimes take on public relations or crisis management roles.

Publicists are also responsible for ensuring their clients, companies or businesses get a lot of publicity for as little as possible. For this, they might have to convince a celebrity to wear a certain dress or carry a certain handbag.

If you are a fashion lover and want to get into the fashion industry, there are lots of career options available to you. You have an added advantage if you have an eye for design, a likable personality, and can work with different types of people.