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Tips for Making Your Engagement Special


Getting engaged is a big deal. Making the decision to get married is a major commitment and one of the most special times in your life. You can celebrate your engagement properly by planning ahead and taking the time to enjoy every moment.

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Find the Perfect Ring

First of all, to make the engagement special for your significant other, find the perfect engagement ring. Pay attention to your partner’s style of jewelry to get a good idea of what they like so you can match the ring to their personality.

Make sure that you get a band in a color and metal that they prefer, whether that is yellow gold, white gold, or platinum. You should also choose the cut and carat of the diamond to reflect your partner’s tastes.

An alternative to a traditional diamond that you may want to consider, is called a CVD, or chemical vapor deposition diamond. These gems are man made. They are grown in a lab over the course of about a month, and so they cost less than traditional diamonds.

CVD diamonds are of high quality and identical to traditionally mined diamonds. These diamonds will still have certain imperfections and different grades that are evaluated by a jeweler and affect the cost. Another advantage of a CVD diamond is that there are no negative impacts on the environment that can occur from mining practices.

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Plan the Proposal

Once you have the perfect ring, you should plan your proposal. The day that you propose should be a special day that is fitting for you and your partner. Decide if you should propose in a public setting, or if the moment should be private between the two of you. Some people prefer a private engagement, while others enjoy being surrounded by their family and friends. This is a personal choice, and you may be able to get some insights into your partner’s preferences through casual conversation or by asking advice from those closest to her.

Choose the place that you will propose carefully. It should happen in a special place that has significance to you both. Make the proposal meaningful and from the heart. The words that you use don’t have to be fancy, they just need to be thoughtful and convey your deep feelings. Most people prefer that a proposal is a surprise, so try not to give away what you plan to do.

You may also want to ask your partner’s parents for their blessing before you propose.