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Venezuela: Juan Guaido Storms Parliament to Be Sworn In as Speaker

Photo: EPA

In a chaotic scene, Venezuela’s opposition leader Juan Guaidó has forced his way into the National Assembly (the country’s parliament) building after being stopped by troops. The incident occurred as his rival for the position of parliamentary speaker held a session inside.

Juan Guaido, who was re-elected on January 5 to a second one-year term as head of the opposition-held congress, had pledged to preside over January 7 opening session after security forces blocked him from the building over the weekend to allow allies of President Nicolas Maduro to swear in their own speaker, Luis Parra.

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On January 5, security forces blocked him to enter the parliament. He tried again to break through a cordon on January 7. He and his supporters managed to push through the riot police. Their arrival prompted pro-government lawmakers to leave.

Juan Guaidó went on sit down in the Speaker’s chair. He and his supporters sang the national anthem before he was sworn in as Speaker during a power cut which forced people to use phone lights.