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How to Make Your POS System Delivery Ready


If you’re thinking of adding a delivery service to your retail store or restaurant, it’s important to remember that your POS may not be set up yet for such extras. This is easily remedied, however, with these simple tips on getting your POS delivery-ready. Keep reading to learn how to best prepare your system for the transition.

Decide on Your Rates

First and foremost, you’ll need to decide on what rates you’ll be charging for your services. Are you going to offer free or discounted delivery for orders above a certain dollar amount, or one flat-rate for all deliveries? Once you’ve decided what to charge customers for the service, you can program the new services to your POS system.

Rates can vary based on distance, and you’ll want to decide what your max delivery area is as well. You’ll likely have no shortage of out-of-area customers requesting delivery once you add the service, so it’s important to define the delivery area on your website.

Account for the Extra Labor

You’re likely going to incur extra labor costs with a delivery service. You’ll want to account for these extra costs when you set your delivery charge. You’ll also want to decide if you’re reimbursing your drivers for mileage or not (this is pretty standard with delivery services).

These extra costs, while adding a premium service to your business, can also increase your costs as well.

Most POS systems have easy-to-use tools from which you can set pricing and keep track of sales and services. The best POS software for android is vend HQ, with some of the best tools in the business.

Whether you’re a retail store adding delivery services to increase your brand awareness or a new restaurant looking to expand your reach, Vend has everything you need to get started.

While many POS systems only offer platform-specific software, Vend can be used on pretty much any pre-existing hardware there is. This makes it versatile and efficient, and the perfect option for both startups and established brands alike.

Use Your Data for Improved Function

Your POS system will come equipped with powerful analytics tools that you can use to observe the impact your delivery services have on your business.

From daily, weekly, and monthly sales reports to individualized item reports, POS systems can help you streamline every aspect of your business and your new services.

Don’t underestimate the power of data; it’s the best tool you have at your disposal for increasing your operations and identifying problem areas. Data also helps boost your marketing efforts, making them reach further and with improved accuracy.

You’ll be able to collect customer information, send promotions, and build a comprehensive database of your customers’ preferences and favorite items. You can even add gift cards and a loyalty program to certain POS systems.

Add Mobile Terminals

Mobile terminals will make it easier for your delivery customers to pay their bill and add tips during their delivery. POS software will work with most mobile devices unless they’re iPad-specific. Mobility makes for greater convenience and a better customer experience.


Buy online pick-up in-store is something that many major retailers have started offering in recent years. Rather than pay expensive shipping fees, some customers choose to combine the convenience of online payments with the ease of in-store shopping.

This option can easily be integrated into your POS system, but you may need to manually enter an option to pull items from stock to hold for a certain period of time.

Your customers will love a BOPIS system for the simple fact that they won’t have to shop around the store for what they need. Shopping from the comfort of their own home, they’ll feel more at ease and more likely to add extra items to their order(s).

Why POS Systems Are Essential

Besides simple payment processing, POS systems offer an effective lineup of business-changing tools; from inventory management and organization to employee management to marketing tools and customer databases.

As payment methods continue to grow and change, a good POS system becomes an essential component of any business.

The ability to accept multiple payment methods will help put you ahead of the competition and ensure that no matter what method your customer brings to your store, you can accept it.

Whether you’re running an eCommerce platform, brick and mortar store, or both, having a reliable POS will help improve your overall efficiency and make for better organization within your business.


Offering delivery is a huge step-up for most businesses, but you’ll want to be certain your POS system and your team are ready for the change. These tips will help you prepare your business, your POS system, and you for the coming changes to ensure no efficiency or data is lost in the process.

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