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Where to Save and Where to Spend in Fashion


In this day and age, we’re all trying to keep our spending habits in check in order to save money. Unfortunately, many of us are unsure where to spend money on a more expensive brand and where we should opt for a more budget option.

Well, worry not, as here’s our guide to where you should save and where you should spend when it comes to fashion:

SAVE – Wrist Jewelry

We all love accessories. No matter if you’re adding some sophisticated jewelry to a work suit or something bold and fun for a date. However, with so many different outfits and current trends, you can easily spend a small fortune on jewelry trying to keep up.

Instead, save yourself money by opting for costume jewelry from cheaper brands. Since this jewelry will be far cheaper than designer, you’ll have room to buy more, so your outfit will always have the best accessories.

SPEND – Sunglasses

While you may want to save money on your wrist jewelry, there is one accessory that you should never scrimp on – your sunglasses! As, when it comes to your sunglasses, you need a pair that will adequately protect your eyes from the harmful UV lights that the sun gives off. Which is why you should pay a bit more for your sunglasses and opt for a reputable brand.

Not only will respected brands like Ray-Ban give you the best in protection for your eyes, this brand will also let you customize your lenses and even add a personal touch like engraving. Even better, by buying designer, you’ll have a quality pair of sunglasses that will last you years, which means you won’t waste money replacing them frequently.

SAVE – Basic Tees

Every wardrobe needs some basic tees. Not only does a t-shirt look great with a nice pair of jeans for a casual look, your tee can be dressed up with accessories and a skirt for a night out. The problem is, as our t-shirts get so much wear, they also get washed a lot. So, whether you bought a cheap or more expensive t-shirt, there isn’t that much difference in the level of quality, which means they both become washed-out, bobbly and in need of replacement quickly.

Which means, rather than wasting your money on an expensive t-shirt, you should save money and just buy a cheaper tee. As long as it’s comfy and it’s a color you like, that’s all that really matters.

SPEND – Blazer

Unlike a t-shirt, which tends to get hidden under other clothing and accessories, your blazer is there to make or break an outfit. Which is why you should always invest in a quality brand, such as a real tweed blazer, with an impeccable fit. As, if you scrimp on your blazer, it’s both unlikely to fit you well and the poor quality will be very obvious.

SAVE – Running Shoes

While in the past it might have been a good idea to invest in running shoes from a designer brand, in the last few years gym clothing has become a massive market, meaning that more budget-friendly shops are now making running shoes that are both affordable and high-quality. While you shouldn’t buy the cheapest pair, you can see, before you waste hundreds of dollars on one pair of trainers, instead try something a little cheaper – they’ll do the same job for so much less!

SPEND – Work Shoes

It doesn’t matter if you work in an office or you’re a personal trainer in the gym, when it comes to your work shoes, it’s essential that you spend a little more. As, when you buy more expensive footwear, you’re far more likely to have a pair of shoes that will keep you comfortable all day – even if you’re on your feet a lot. Plus, pricier shoes will look more professional, particularly in an office environment.

SAVE – Pyjamas

While designer brands might try to tell you that their nightwear is softer, silkier and will help you sleep better – in reality, our pyjamas shouldn’t be something that you spend too much on. For one, hardly anyone is ever going to see them as you only wear them to bed, so there really isn’t any need to show off a brand name. Nor are these expensive brands actually any comfier, with very little difference to how they feel when worn.

SPEND – Bathrobe

The problem with cheaper bathrobes is that they aren’t typically as soft as more expensive brands. Which becomes a problem when you want a bathrobe to keep you warm and cozy during those chilly winter months. So, rather than scrimp, treat yourself to a quality bathrobe that you can snuggle up in on a rainy day.