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The Dangers Of Fourth of July

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July 4th is a special date for many across America, because it is a time to celebrate the United States’ independence from Great Britain in 1776. Usually, families across the nation celebrate with BBQ’s, celebrations and other formal events. However, July 4th is also unfortunately a day that can result in severe accidents and tragedy due to irresponsible actions.


The most common danger to the health of people who celebrate Independence Day are fireworks. Usually, fireworks are a public display administered by licensed professionals. However, too many overzealous people seek to make displays of their own domestically. Thousands of people per year require medical attention due to firework-related injuries and are the result of not knowing the full safety precautions one must take.

First, you must check to see if fireworks are legal in your location and if a permit is required to administer them. If so, fireworks must never be put into a container and must not be held by children. In addition, fireworks should never be lit indoors or flammable objects. The most common way people can get injured is by holding the fireworks with your hands.

Badly Cooked Food

With outdoor BBQ’s also come the risk of having food being undercooked. The primary concerns with food safety, especially when cooking outdoors, is undercooking meat and spreading germs and bacteria to surrounding food and materials.

If meat does not get cooked thoroughly, food poisoning and salmonella could potentially follow. While certain meat such as lamb or beef can be eaten rare if the outside is cooked well. Other meat choices such as sausage and chicken is only safe to eat if there is no pink in the middle and is hot in the center. A thermometer can help verify this information.


With any festive occasion may also alcohol and the temptation to drink. While you can drink responsibly and have a great time with loved ones, drinking excess alcohol can lead to one becoming drunk. This can predispose to making unwise decisions such as driving.

If you plan to drink and could potentially become drunk, plan for someone you trust to bring you home. If you know of a friend that may do so, make proper transportation arrangements to prevent a potential tragedy.

Public Swimming

Other events may be taken place in public locals and areas near a body of water. While there are ample opportunities to take great photos and enjoy a good evening across crisp waters, swimming into lakes can potentially lead to drowning or coming into contact with foreign materials that can cause illness.

If the celebration is being held domestically and a traditional pool is used, refrain from engaging in activity that can cause one to drown or get injured such as dunking others and diving.

July 4th is a great day to celebrate freedom with loved ones, but it is also important to stay safe. Follow these tips to ensure a danger-free day.