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How To Complete An Essay In A Short Time Span?


If you have a school or college assignment to finish an essay, ideally you should allocate adequate time for the same. Indeed, essays need considerable thinking, putting together ideas in a formative manner and then putting the thoughts and ideas together in a well-constructed format. However, with a fast paced student world and curriculum that are often compressed to be concluded in a short time span, students might find themselves with the dilemma of having to finish an assignment within a short time period.

Here are some tips to help you get started fast

  • Get your thoughts in order

This is crucial in order to get started in the right way besides opting for essays for sale. If you are panicking and are feeling overwhelmed about finishing the assignment, then you might get into a writer’s block with no thoughts coming in for planning the essay and starting on it. It is necessary to set time aside to think out what to write organize the points and then get started in a calm and collected manner.

  • Switch off from all distractions

This is necessary to get your thoughts collected and in order. It is best to switch off from browsing social media sites, get those alerts switched off that distract you and then put your thoughts on planning the essay format and inputs.

  • Start typing

Today most youngsters can type faster than they can write and it would also make an assignment look neat and legible. One would save more time by typing out an essay than by writing it down. The first step could be a rough document where you plan the structure of the assignment, paragraphs, content and word count. Once these points are in place, one can get started with the actual essay writing.

  • Understand the subject

The essay you construct would aim to answer a certain question or would be on a certain topic. Hence, plan your assignment around the topic or the question being asked. There might be key points that you need to address such as analyses or comparisons as are asked in the assignment question. Focusing on what the question is about will help you frame assignment content around that accordingly.

  • Get your research ready

Most essays are given to students to help them apply certain data or study materials. Once the objective of the essay is understood, it is necessary to refer books and reference materials. Plan what books you need to refer to or Google any subject you need to look up. If you need to visit a library or get the books from somewhere else, get them in place before you start to write so that your flow of essay writing is not interrupted.  At the same time, when you have limited time, it is best to keep your reference material concise. Too many books and notes would jumble up your thought process which would reflect in your essay as well.

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  • Plan flow of essay ideas

Before you start, plan out how your argument would show through the essay. Hence, from the introduction to the main paragraphs and finally the conclusion, these aspects should be well thought out. The more time you spend planning out the essay construction and material to include in it, the faster will your actual essay get done.


Essays written overnight or in a short time span need not be compromised on quality if the above tips are kept in mind. However, it is necessary to allocate adequate and quality time to the work at hand.