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Tricks to Take the Headache Out of Your Health


Headaches are an unfortunate fact of life for many people, but that doesn’t mean that
they need to suffer needlessly. There are almost as many headache cures as there are types of
headaches, so you are sure to find something which brings you relief.

1. Hot and Cold
Depending on the type of headache, having either a hot or a cold compress on it will
help immensely. Migraines are specifically said to be helped by cold, so having a bad
full of ice, or an ice pack, against the area which hurts can be very helpful
The opposite end of the spectrum – heat – is useful for both tension and sinus
headaches in particular. Hot compresses, hot showers, or even a long bath, can all
help to make these headaches less painful, or even to make them go away entirely.

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2. Loosen your Hair

Having your hair in a style which is too tight can cause headaches – it draws the scalp
up uncomfortably, meaning that you can’t move in a natural fashion. Loosening your
hair can be enough to ease your headache. To avoid these headaches, try and avoid
hairstyles which pinch your head, or which require you to twist your hair up tightly,
as this will make the scalp underneath tight as well. If you must wear these hairstyles,
try and keep them to a minimum, and spend the next several days with loose styles, to
give your head time to relax.

3. Live on the Dark Side

Migraines can be caused by flickering or bright lights, which can be a problem in
today’s computerised society. If you find that you are suffering from migraines, try
and limit your exposure to such light, and see if this helps you. The way to block this
light is to limit your screen time, put filters on windows and screens of all kinds, and
wear sunglasses on particularly bright days. This should hopefully work to get rid of


4. Don’t Use Chewing Gum

We all know that chewing gum is an unsightly habit, that it is responsible for a lot of
the litter we see on the roads today, and that every teacher wages a campaign against
it. Chewing gum is very bad for your jaw, since it is constantly in motion, but what
people don’t know is that it can be bad for your head as well. The constant chewing
which is required for gum can cause impact headaches. Spit out your chewing gum,
and eat something else instead.

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