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Cuba Refutes Sonic Attacks Against US Embassy Staff


Cuba denies the existence of any sonic attack against US embassy staff in Havana and says the claims are a “political manipulation” aimed at damaging bilateral relations.

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez dismissed allegations of any kind of attack as “totally false”.

The US said nearly two dozen embassy personnel had health problems after the alleged attacks and cut its staff as a result.

Reports suggest sonic attacks were to blame, but nothing has been proven.

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The US has not blamed Cuba for the alleged attacks, and the Cuban government has previously denied targeting embassy staff.

Meanwhile, the US expelled 15 Cuban diplomats, saying that Havana had failed to protect its employees, but Cuba said the move was “unjustified”.

The US government also suspended visa processing in Cuba indefinitely.

Speaking in Washington at a meeting of Cubans living in the US, Bruno Rodriguez said the allegations have caused a “serious deterioration in the relationship between both governments and both countries”.

“It’s unacceptable and immoral, from the point of view of the Cuban government, for people to be harmed by a difference between governments,” the minister added.

The reported health problems ranged from mild brain trauma and deafness to dizziness and nausea.

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