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Finland Attack: Two People Stabbed to Death and Six Injured in Turku

Two people have been stabbed to death and at least six others wounded in an attack in Turku in south-west Finland, say police.

Police, who were on the scene within minutes, shot the suspected attacker and arrested him.

The suspect has been taken into custody.

The attack took place in the Puutori-Market Square area of Turku. Police initially asked people to stay away from the city centre but then said the incident was over.

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Finish Interior Minister Paula Risikko described the suspect as “foreign-looking” and linked the attack to the murder of 14 people in Barcelona. Finnish authorities have said, however, that it is too early to describe the incident as terrorism.

The attack was over in a matter of minutes.

Finish police said the alarm was raised at 16:02 local time and that the suspect was arrested three minutes later.

A later Twitter post by police read: “The police are searching for possibly more perpetrators in Turku.”

Finland’s PM Juha Sipila said his government was monitoring the situation closely. The interior minister and national police commissioner also said they were travelling to the city.

Security was also increased at key sites in the capital of Helsinki, where armed police could be seen at the central train station and the airport.


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