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Noisy Car Issues: Here Are Signals That Your Car Needs Early Repairing

While newly designed cars are more reliable than ever, sometimes glitches on manufacturing tend to surface on some units. One obvious sign that your vehicle needs early and minor repair even if you just bought it is by noticing how its engine or other parts sounds.

Any unusual sound needs to be checked out, the louder and the constant the noise, the more urgent you need to pay attention to it and subject it for a maintenance check up. These conditions may arise when your car has been in the service for how many years already, but it does not exempt those you just recently bought.

In case you are not particular with the noise that your car was making, here are some sounds that are more likely to occur and what they indicate.


Screeching Noise When Applying Brakes

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When hearing this kind of sound, it is usually a sign that your brake pads and other parts are worn, resulting in a pad not applying as it should be thereby causing excessive noise and heat. Some vehicle has this weak brake indicator signaling that you already need to replace your car’s brake pads.

This condition needs immediate attention since it is hazardous when your car can’t properly stop when you need it to be. Also if this you will not take action to address this as soon as possible, further damage to your tires and suspension may occur.

You can solve this problem by just asking your mechanic to replace a new set of brake pads and putting the recommended amount of brake fluids.

Rattling and Rumbling Exhaust Noise

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If you notice that your car sounds unnecessarily louder than it should be and the sound may have come from the underneath the vehicle, chances are this is a hole somewhere in the exhausts pipes or anywhere in its system.

Attending to this issue is easy as changing the exhaust pipe and replacing the corroded section with a new muffler. Serious problems like poor engine performance or breakage may arise if this is left unattended for an extended period.

Noises From Aerodynamic Interference

Most cars are designed to minimize air turbulence resulting in reduced noise coming from the outside of the vehicle as you drive along the road. There may arise unwanted aerodynamic interference when some parts of your car are loosened up over time or been damaged by debris.

A most typical example is a loose door noob or a broken trunk lock. Noises arising from this factor depends on your driving speed and may grow more irritating as you go faster. You can address these problems by having it fixed by a mobile mechanic.

You will surely notice a better ride experience when you resolve this issue right away.

Engine Piston Noise

If you notice an unnecessary noise under the hood, it may be caused by the piston to miscalibrated or having timing issues. This problem needs immediate and severe attention. If not addressed as soon as possible, more and more parts of the engine will slowly crumble down, and you will not like it if it turns into total breakage.

To prevent this issue from happening in your car, make it a habit to regularly change engine oil and be more accurate when shifting gears.


Noises coming out from your car are signals that it needs immediate attention for repair and maintenance. Except saving you a ton of cash from worse damages, maintaining your vehicle in its proper shape will reduce your risk of you getting yourself into accidents. Be more vigilant when it comes to your safety and never let any of these signs pass your attention.


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