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How Quick Lane Is Paced To Revolutionize The Car Service Industry In Canada


The US-based Ford Motor company is hoping that their new Omnicraft aftermarket brand of parts made for non-Lincoln and non-Ford cars will increase the company’s presence in the Canadian market and abroad. The New “Quick Lane” service centers have the potential to explode globally and offer not only faster but more inexpensive service options than car dealerships or independently owned auto shops.

Currently, only about a fourth of the service performed at Quick Lane outlets in Canada and the US involve Ford and Lincoln automobiles, but in some of the outlets, it might be as much as fifty percent or more. Before now, the Quick Lane service centers only had minimal parts for non-Ford cars. Now offering more than just wiper blades and an oil change, the new aftermarket parts for off brands has made Quick Lane a more viable business to revolutionize the car service industry.

Recently launched just this past January, Omnicraft parts had to buy products from other suppliers, which was not only more expensive, but it was also a very inefficient way to acquire the parts. In the end, the cost was passed down to the consumer, and it decreased the speed of car service.

Quick Lane isn’t new to the car service industry; Ford originally launched the Quick Lane pilot as far back as 1997. To date, there are now over 815 Quick Lane service centers in North America, and the trend continues to grow. Some of the centers are attached to other Ford dealerships while others are stand-alone storefronts. Available at over 3200 dealerships in the US, the hope is to expand exponentially for the Canadian audience.

The push to include more aftermarket parts beyond the Ford company came at the request of Ford dealerships who maintained that only offering basic parts and service was limiting their capacity for both used car sales and services. It made stand-alone outlets barely sustainable. Many in the service industry can relate to how the addition of other parts by Omnicraft will increase the rapidity of service as well as customers’ satisfaction with Quick Lane, especially for non-Lincoln and non-Ford car owners.

Many looking for car service don’t have the luxury of having a Ford dealership nearby. That is what makes the satellite outlet centers attractive, but only if they have something to offer many car brand owners across the board. When limited to only certain brands, it cuts down the ability they have to make an impact on a community and provide the necessary service with convenience.

Quick Lane might have been a pilot just two decades ago, but they are now exploding across North America and cornering the market on car service for many manufacturers and brands. Having found a niche market in quick and convenient service, the hope is that they will overtake the “quick” car service market for vehicle owners looking for more than just a simple oil or windshield wiper change.

It isn’t just the Ford Motor company who is interested in funding and investing in Quick Lane. The new parts supply from Omnicraft is attracting car investors of all makes and models. Offering an alternative to traditional used car dealers in Langley services or expensive independent specific owners, having a literal one-stop shop is very attractive to almost all car owners and has investors interested.

There is hope that adding Omnicraft aftermarket parts will take Quick Lane from small to big-time and fill in the gaps for smaller towns and cities as well as major metropolitan areas. Not having to schedule a time for service, wait for parts to come in, and be without your car for days if not weeks on end, is something that many car owners find appealing.

The goal for Quick Lanes is to offer over 90 percent of different manufacturer parts through Omnicraft and service cars for all makes and brands. Dealerships are an excellent option to service your car, but that doesn’t make them inexpensive or timely. With the addition of Omnicraft to the Quick Lane service centers, the hope is to overtake the US and Canadian markets with fervor.


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