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Traveling Solo to Bangalore? Here are 7 Tips to Abide By!


A hot, crispy dosa was served on the banana leaf with oozed goodness— the kind of goodness that you want if you’ve navigated five hours of road journey which is full of potholes. However, it was only a few minutes into ordering that first dosa and seconds into dipping dosa into sambar when someone interrupted me. “Yes?”, I asked. “I ‘am sorry but are you alone?” one of them asked.

I nodded politely and turned to my dosa. “So, we will leave you with your meal”, they ventured. “See you around”, I replied with a smile. I successfully convinced the two men that I am more interested in enjoying the dosa made by Shiharan Bhayia than talking to them. They might be shocked to see a solo woman traveller.

You see, solo travelling is one of the most romantic chapters which you can add to your travel diary. Here’s a woman travelling alone, here’s a woman who is so liberating and here is a woman who agrees to fight her demons. All true and incredibly powerful.

It was my first solo trip to Bangalore and what I discovered—there is so much to do in Bangalore, even if you are travelling alone.

Having undergone a vast change over the past few years, Bangalore or Bengaluru is not merely the country’s IT hub. From local and international eateries serving lip smacking food, heritage spots showcasing the bright history of the city to swanky malls and nightclubs which are fun to explore, Bangalore as the city never disappoints travellers who come to soak in its charm. Then there is all-the-year pleasant weather of Bangalore, which augments its beauty. Above all, Bangalore is well-connected with nearby states and cities, like Goa, Mysore, Ooty, Chennai, etc.

So, why should you wait for someone to join you if you want to roam around the city? Let’s tell yourself— I am off to see the hills, mountains and beaches and that too solo!”

No matters how much I enjoy solo travelling, I take care of several factors to experience a hassle-free journey. From keeping your confidence high during the journey to travelling light, there are several tips to make your solo vacation to Bangalore fun and pleasing. Let’s talk about them=

  1. Be Confident= Even when you’re lost or in trouble, don’t bring it on your face. Be assertive and attentive at all times, no matter how painful the situation is. When you successfully deal with all adversities, believe me, you will be ready to face the worse situations in your life. Just remember, though the road has a few more hiccups than usual, everything will be fine at the end.
  2. Safety Comes First= Your safety is in your hands, so be vigilant while travelling. Make sure to carry basic things like a map, guide book, water bottle, first aid box, etc.
  3. Travel Light= Instead of burdening yourself with unnecessary luggage, pack, and travel light. Go for a backpacker and bon voyage. Hotels near majestic Bangalore are well-equipped with amenities and therefore, except basic toiletries and medications, you can leave everything at home and utilise laundry service available at hotels.
  4. Do Prior Research=Before taking a final plunge, gather all the information about your destination as much as you can. It will also help you in planning your travel itinerary and give a quick review of cultural background which will be like an added convenience.
  5. Choose a well-connected Hotel = Dig out the information about the hotels in Bangalore situated near to railway stations, bus terminals, etc. In this way, you will not have to waste time in commuting and you will have enough time for exploring the place. For finding good hotels in Bangalore, you can take the help of online travel portals like MakeMyTrip, Goibibo, Yatra, etc. Prices, especially airfares and hotel tariffs are much cheaper on online travel portals, like Yatra, as compared to what you can find offline.
  6. Travel during the day= It is obvious—travelling during day is safe as compared to evening and night when most of the assault and harassment cases tend to happen. Even if you are required to travel at night, choose a safe mode of transpiration.
  7. Keep your family members updated= Though you are travelling alone, it doesn’t mean you should sever all ties with your family. While travelling, keep your family members updated about your whereabouts through calls or texts. In short, leave a trail.

Embrace the beauty of your solo journey

Don’t be afraid, the world is inherently a good place. Go far, travel solo, and you will meet a new you—An independent, carefree, and yes, a confident girl!

Sonia is the heart and the artist of the team. She loves art and all that it implies. As Sonia says, good music, a well directed movie, or attending a music or film festival melts people’s heart and make them better. She is great at painting and photography. Working on scrapbooks is her favorite activity.