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5 Intuitive Methods for Using Social Media to Sell Homes


You might think that selling your home via social media might be ridiculous – and to an extent you’d be right –  but, tell that to the man who sold his house for $135,000 over the asking price by selling on Twitter. While his actual tactic was a little bit more complicated than that article will suggest, it is still totally possible (and smart) to use social media to your advantage when it comes to selling your home.


Here are a couple of beginner tips for using social media intuitively and to your benefit!


Start with a Facebook Page

A recent survey of real estate social media accounts, found that 80 percent of all real estate agents and companies use Facebook for marketing purposes. The number one goal that should be in every real estate agent’s mind is to obtain as many clients and potential buyers as possible. As of the end of 2016, Facebook has a user base of 1.86 billion people. That is nearly 1/3 of the entire population of Earth.


Creating an appealing and appropriately professional Facebook page can make you seem a lot more competitive to those who have not yet ventured far into the process yet.


Share Often

People live with their phones placed firmly in front of their faces. We are now a globally addicted and connected society. Posting regularly helps you build interest and followers over time and ensures that your keywords are ranking well. Try and develop original content on things that you think your followers may want to hear. As a real estate agent, find topics that will interest your audience. Even if you didn’t write them- share, share, share.


This will help bolster up the data from your IDX website that is accessed by your real estate CRM.


Create Campaigns On All Channels

The man who sold his house on Twitter didn’t just stop there – he created a Facebook Page, a YouTube Channel, Flickr, Picasa and many other accounts. By utilizing all of these outlets, he maximized the possibilities of who could find the listing. He utilized strategically placed keywords to ensure views on his posting from any related searches. He also devoted as much of his time as he could to make sure he ranked No. 1 for his keywords in Google.


Develop a Home Buyers Waiting List Through Your Website

A super quick, super convenient way to develop a bunch of leads all at once is to build up your list of potential home buyers. The best way to do this is to start a real estate blog that can be accessed via your website. Drive traffic from your social media channels and put a sign-up button at the top of your page.


This also builds a demand of your service while also generating recognition around your brand.


Pinterest Local Groups

Pinterest has blown up in popularity over the last few years and provides an enormous opportunity for social media real estate. Pinterest marketing for real estate agents can help you drive visitors and traffic to your websites. With Pinterest, the ley to marketing is in creating local boards. One strategy is to create a board and then invite people to ‘collaborate’ on it. This method allows people to help while by adding pins to the board, which helps build a community of followers around your properties.


Social media is an important tool in any real estate agent’s utility belt. Don’t get caught unprepared – maximize your visibility with social media!