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Top Ten Things to Remember to Avoid an Unpleasant Travel Experience


The world is full of places with scenic attractions that please the eye and a travel expert’s pocket, notwithstanding the wealth spent. Some of these locations are in remote areas of the world. Topping the list are the seven wonders of the world:

  1. Great Pyramids of Giza
  2. The Colossus of Rhodes
  3. Lighthouse of Alexandria
  4. Mausoleum at Halicarnassus
  5. Temple of Artemis
  6. Statue of Zeus
  7. Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Among these seven wonders, only the Great Pyramids remained intact for decades. The others were ruined either by natural or human-made calamities.

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In today’s age of sophistication, people around the world can easily access the internet to search for unusual places of destination. However, some travelers are not aware of unpleasant facts, particularly, security threats that lie behind the excitement of travel. Most have decided to stop flying while others continue to do so.

Here are some unpleasant situations a travel expert need to know before he embarks to another future travel destination:

1) Don’t be in a hurry to board the plane

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When a person decides to travel, they get so excited that after paying the airfare tickets and hotels via credit/debit card, you forgot to counter check if the plane tickets are confirmed, and the hotel room you book is available.

What a disaster if upon arrival at the airport, you can’t board the aircraft because the details in your ticket are wrong or it was not confirmed. Same as when you arrive at your destination, no room is available in the hotel, all full. You might want to go into heated discussion with the concerned person, but it ruined your day, and all is left is a disappointment of what happened.

2) Be mindful of the weather

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You’re all set to travel, and then you got stranded in the airport because of a big storm you don’t know. It will be uncomfortable if you have to sleep sitting down on the airport benches because of close hotels. Also, you don’t know when you will be able to fly again or get out of that airport. You might get stuck for a week or two until the storm is out of the area.

3) Language barrier

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You traveled to a place nobody knows your tongue. You’ll end up trying to learn “sign language” to get what you need.

4) Be Aware of Travel Advisories

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The place is exotic and fresh with waterfalls cascading down from the top, crystal clear pool and trees dancing with the wind, birds singing melodiously. What a beautiful place, peaceful and so relaxing. You’re about to spread out your sleeping mat to lie down. Suddenly, you hear voices and footsteps, in a split of a second, you were captured by armed natives. You didn’t know; your Embassy issued a travel advisory on this place. “Travel to this area is restricted!”

5) Eating beside a Tourist Spot

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Never eat anywhere near a place where there is a tourist attraction. You will be paying an expensive menu but lacks taste. The food vendors are just after your money, not your appetite.

6) Never Avoid the Local Tourism Office

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Surprisingly, some travelers don’t visit a local tourism office. It should always be the first stop of your travel as they are familiar with travel advisories, current news and pathways or maps going to your destination. They also offer a discount card for food and accommodation. Further, they will be informed of your presence and can assist you when you need protection.

7) Stay Away from Taxis

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Taxis are not right for a ride. They’ll drain down your pocket by turning you around and around one point to the other until you can’t do anything but pay the high rate they demand or get mugged. And it’s not safe. Best to ride a bus with many passengers. The other passengers can assist you better.

Aside from this, it is safer to be with many passengers when you travel from one place to another. Your visibility to everyone is imperative because when something happens, the people who saw you can relate where you went and where you have been. Besides, you build a friendship with the local folks as you continue to speak with them while aboard the public utility vehicle.

If you’re good with reading maps, you can also try car rentals. Or if you plan to stay longer in a place, you may even decide to invest in a car, even a second-hand one. You can check out car parts dealers so you can get the best parts to replace the old ones in your pre-loved car.

8) Check your Travel Insurance

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Better to check your insurance if it lapsed or not before you travel. Accidents always happen, you never know. What a big problem if you mixed up with some accidents and your insurance has expired.

9) Avoid Using Bank Cards with Interests

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Try to apply for an ATM card (debit or credit) that don’t charge international fees. If possible, use cash when paying things. You will not incur charges when you make some purchases. Don’t forget to change your money to the local currency. It will be added expense if you run out of local change as you have to find places to transact money changing.

10) Scrap Traveler’s Cheques

Traveler’s check is from banks given for a particular value that allows the holder to convert the check to cash anytime worldwide. It’s not advisable as you will be bringing with you cash which is dangerous. Better to use ATM because you withdraw money per necessity only.


Travel experts have lots of experiences compared to newbies. They are the ones who have gone through ups and downs of travel. However, traveling is a relaxation, and whether you have had this scary feeling of something unpredictable might happen, the love of the journey pulls you out of your house and lets you fly to some destinations.

If you have been working all your life, you would wish to get out from the humdrum of the city and find a place to relax. A place by the sea or a tropical island or mountain climbing – these are all places of serenity and peace – just don’t get caught with the unpleasant facts – and you’ll surely enjoy your travel and want more.