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Kim Kardashian Paris Robbery: Limo Driver Released Without Charge


French police investigating a Paris jewellery robbery that targeted Kim Kardashian have released three people without charge.

They include the reality star’s driver in Paris, Michael Madar. The three were among 17 people arrested in co-ordinated raids across France on January 9.

Michael Madar’s brother is still being questioned by police, reports say.

Kim Kardashian, 36, was held at gunpoint and tied up by the robbers while staying at a hotel in Paris in October 2016.

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The reality star was targeted at the exclusive flat near Place de la Madeleine while her bodyguard looked after her sister at a nightclub.

The gang stole €9 million ($9.5 million) of jewellery, including a diamond ring valued at around €4 million.

The two witnesses to the robbery – Kim Kardashian herself as well the night-watchman – apparently both told police that their aggressors were men “of a certain age”. CCTV footage on the street outside also provided crucial evidence.

Throughout the inquiry, police have been investigating whether the gang was tipped off that Kim Kardashian’s bodyguard was not at the hotel residence at the time of the robbery.

Among those arrested on January 9 were several figures in their 60s and one in his 70s. The raids took place mainly in the Paris region and at Rouen in the north. An Algerian, identified as 72-year-old Pierre B., was detained at Grasse on the French Riviera.

Although there has been no trace yet of Kim Kardashian’s missing jewellery, police did recover an estimated €300,000 during January 9 raids.