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Kanye West Says He Would Have Voted for Donald Trump… If He Did


Kanye West has told an audience in San Jose he would have opted for Donald Trump if he had voted.

“I told you I didn’t vote,” the rapper said.

“But I didn’t tell you… if I would’ve voted, I would’ve voted on Trump.”

Angry fans responded by booing Kim Kardashian’s husband and throwing items on stage.

Photo Getty Images

Photo Getty Images

Kanye West said he had “loved the debates” between Donald Trump and rival Hillary Clinton and that his “approach was absolutely genius because it… worked”.

He also asked for people to “stop focusing on racism”, saying: “This world is racist, okay. Let’s stop being distracted to focus on that as much. We are in a racist country – period.”

However, Kanye West said his preference did not mean he was any less supportive of women’s rights and the Black Lives Matter movement.

In footage uploaded on social media, Kanye West can be heard saying: “That don’t mean I don’t believe in these things because that is the guy I would’ve voted for.”

Kanye West, 39, was performing in San Jose, California, on November 17 as part of his Saint Pablo tour. His next concert will be held in Sacramento, California, on November 19.

At 2015 MTV Music Video Awards, Kanye West announced that he planned to run for president in 2020.