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Bob Dylan Finally Accepts Nobel Prize In Literature


Bob Dylan has finally said he accepts his Nobel Prize in literature, ending a silence since being awarded the prize earlier this month.

The singer-songwriter said the honor had left him “speechless”, the Nobel Foundation said in a statement.

The Nobel foundation said it had not yet been decided if Bob Dylan would attend the awards ceremony in December.

Image source Wikipedia

Image source Wikipedia

However, Bob Dylan reportedly told the Daily Telegraph he intended to pick up the award in person “if at all possible”.

The award was announced on October 13 “for having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition”.

However, Bob Dylan’s failure to acknowledge it raised eyebrows.

Last week, a member of the Swedish Academy, which awards the Nobel prizes, described Bob Dylan’s silence as “impolite and arrogant”.

However, on October 28, the Nobel Foundation said Bob Dylan had called Sara Danius, Permanent Secretary of the Swedish Academy, telling her: “The news about the Nobel Prize left me speechless. I appreciate the honor so much.”

Although the statement said it was unclear if Bob Dylan would attend the prize-giving banquet in Stockholm, the Daily Telegraph quoted the musician as saying: “Absolutely. If it’s at all possible.”

In an interview with the publication he described the prize as “amazing, incredible”.

“It’s hard to believe. Whoever dreams about something like that?” the publication quoted Bob Dylan as saying.

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