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How to Choose a Translation Agency that Fits Your Business Needs?


While looking for a professional translation service provider, businesses look for someone they can count on for quality work. Translation content varies from website content to legal documents and booklets for external and internal communication. It is important for a company to be assured that the translated copy meets all parameters of accuracy and quality. In a global business environment, the need of translation service cannot be cut down, as it plays a major role in effective communication. In this scenario, it’s better to pay focus on selecting a translation agency that best understands your needs and requirements.

There are various parameters on which a translation service provider can be judged upon. Affordability of service is one of the criteria, but it works wonders only when it matches the quality standards. Certain traits of a translation agency that makes it a name to rely upon the need to be checked beforehand by businesses.Business Meeting

Industry expertise

Selecting a translation service provider just because it has many big names in its client’s list is not an ideal way. Without the required expertise to fulfill the requirements of your business, a translation service provider is just an added liability. An agency which is familiar with your industry is to be preferred than those that have professionals with minimal industry expertise. An understanding of the technological terminologies of different industries is as important as the knowledge of various languages.


An affordable translation service is every company’s priority. Different translation service providers charge on different parameters, some as per the number of words and some based on the number of lines. It’s important for you to find an agency that charges you comparatively less without compromising on the quality of service. Each translation project has a unique requirement, so the variables for price determination vary accordingly. Agencies which provide industry-specific translation service are affordable in the true sense. In the end, a company should get the right value for the money they put into the translation service.


If you value quality in any translated work that you get from agencies, it’s important that you avail the service of only ISO certified translation service providers. Such agencies which are audited by an outsider for the quality of its translation service and has successfully acquired the ISO certification, like ISO 9001:2008 & EN 15038:2006 is a name to rely upon. ISO certified agencies have a sound workflow management system, ensuring layered quality check of translated works.

Experience in the field

A company may need to get a document translated in different languages, and so, they prefer the service of an agency where experienced translators are available. Agencies that create a balanced employee structure with translators of different foreign languages are a better option. The translators should have equal command on both the native and the source language, along with the command on specific industry terminologies. A translation agency with experienced translators can be more efficient than a newly-established service provider that relies more on the use of technology than on professional expertise.


The response of a translation agency to short deadlines and frequent client’s feedbacks play a major role in determining its viability. The turnaround time can vary with different projects, but a translation agency needs to be ready to deal with pressed situations. Round the clock service is the demand of the global landscape where organizations in different time zones work in an integrated manner. Quick response to feedbacks from globally placed require an agency to work 24×7 with full commitment.

Confidentiality of service

Intellectual property is an asset that needs to be safeguarded from any misuse. Confidentiality of documents has to be maintained by translation agencies, working with different clients at the same time. Signing a Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA) is a solution to the fear of the breach of confidentiality, and a reliable translation service provider never hesitates from abiding by this agreement.

Industry-specific requirements of any business need to be achieved effectively by a translation agency to make a mark. An affordable translation service provider that takes care of the above-mentioned factors is bound to act a propellant in the growth of its clients, and prosper itself, at the same time.

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