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SpyStealth Phone Tracking Software

SpyStealth phone tracking software gives you the opportunity to track up to three devices, and what those devices are used for, giving you the opportunity to keep track of children or employees and ensure their behaviour is what is expected. The SpyStealth software monitors the device’s actions, even down to small details, giving you the opportunity to comprehensively know what the phone is used for, and to prevent it being used in that way if necessary.

Call and message monitoring

SpyStealth software will allow you to see who is called from the monitored device, what time they call, and for how long the call lasts. It also gives you access to see all of the contacts stored on the phones, allowing you to see anyone they are able to contact. The SpyStealth software also monitors all SMS and MMS messages sent from the device, as well as received, and also allows you to monitor the content of all messages. So the software covers these basic phone tracking needs, but goes even further.SpyStealth monitoring software

Instant messaging and online monitoring

SpyStealth also monitors any instant messaging app, such as WhatsApp or Facebook messenger used through the device. It also lets you see any messages sent or received through Gmail, or any other email supplier, allowing you full coverage of any messages sent through the device. The software also allows you to monitor any websites visited using the device, and sends you links to any YouTube clips viewed on the device. The software goes as far as allowing you to see any notes made on the device, and all photographs and videos taken. It will also allow you to keep track of the device’s location using GPS tracking, letting you view where the device has previously been or currently is, by showing you a map and allowing you to pinpoint exactly where the device has or is being used. SpyStealth can also send you alerts when profanity is used on the device, or when a certain contact is messaged or called.


So you’ve monitored the device, and you do not find the behaviour of your child or employee to be acceptable. SpyStealth will allow you to block access to any application on the device, or to limit activity on the application remotely. The software will also allow you remotely lock or completely wipe the device by using SMS commands, allowing you to take steps to intervene, rather than just monitor.


SpyStealth offers a wealth of features, allowing you to comprehensively track the devices used by your children or employees. The software is compatible with all major operating system, including Android and Apple systems, and can be installed on up to three devices. After installation on the chosen device you have the option to keep the SpyStealth logo hidden if necessary, allowing you to track the device without the user’s knowledge. Once installed on your chosen device or devices, you can monitor them using your SpyStealth live account, which will allow you to view all previous activity on the device as well as showing activity in real time. Should you have any queries about or issues with the software there is a team available to contact 24/7 to offer support or help resolve any problems. SpyStealth is also constantly updated with all the latest available features, ensuring that the comprehensive monitoring coverage you receive is always up to date.


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