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Five Simple Tips For A Comfortable Home


People are mostly oriented toward the modern designs for their homes, because of their easy maintenance. However, over time, such designs become empty and monotonous. If you ever found yourself on a vacation in more rural areas, you have probably experienced the magnificent spirit of a farmhouse design. And if it took your breath away, then there is no reason why you should not transform your house into this beautiful, calming design.

Embrace the Nature

What Hamptons is really all about is being surrounded by farms and beaches, and that is why you should focus on those elements on the inside. To manage this, you should add hints of nature wherever you can. Pick the furniture made out of wood, hang drapes with floral designs and bring your favorite flowers on the table. Such details will refresh your home, and turn it into a beautiful getaway-like heaven. Besides focusing on the nature inside, you should also surround your home with beautiful gardens, peaceful patio for a relaxing glass of wine and enough yard space for simply enjoying the life.

floral designs

Less is More

Living in a house may trigger your desires of filling it with a lot of things, which eventually leads to clutter. What Hamptons farmhouses actually teach us is that less is more, and that you should never settle for quantity over quality. Your home has to be airy and filled with quality and comfortable furniture. Nothing heavy and complicated should dominate the room. Instead, focus on lighter furniture made out of wood, whicker or even glass, and make each room spacious. Even though this design is not as monotonous as modern ones, it still focuses on simplicity with just a few fun details.

Rustic simplicity

Be Well-Equipped

Farmhouse doesn’t mean living in the 19th century, and you should never exclude the modern technology. Just like any 21st century home, your Hamptons farmhouse should have all the elements and devices you could need – especially in the kitchen. You are allowed to have all the latest appliances, such as a flat surface stove, microwave, dishwasher, small and big refrigeration products and everything else you believe is necessary. What you can do to blend them in this rural design is picking out the appropriate styles and colors. Add stone and marble surfaces in the kitchen, place some flowers and focus on beige and brown shades, and the technology will not be noticeable at all.

Well-Equipped kitchen

Importance of Landscaping

Just like the inside of your home, the entrance should be warm, welcoming and well-groomed. Since the farmhouse design is all about the nature, your driveway and front yard should be filled with beautiful flowers and greenery. Fix the driveway if needed, refresh the lawn, plant colorful flowers near the front door and fully embrace the luxury of nature. Not only that, but you should add a few antique lighting fixtures to complete the look and make your house shine. Good landscaping will only bring out the best  of this design and you will enjoy every minute spent in your garden or yard.Landscaing

Let there be Light

Each room should be showered with sunlight, so make sure your windows are big enough, and covered with light airy drapes. You can use white linen for the curtains and provide enough natural light and privacy at the same time. The same material can be used to cover your couch or bed, in lighter shades of blue or white, and contrast everything with dark wood floors or rugs. Incorporate light and soft colors in your home by painting the walls in warm colors, such as light yellow, beige or white. Use soft fabrics in beige or light gray for your furniture, and bring the earthy feeling into the home.

light and soft colors

If you are thinking about transforming your home into a romantic getaway see what this beautiful rural design has to offer. Follow these five simple tips and your home will be comfortable, airy and just perfect.

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