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Bryan Adams Cancels Show over Mississippi Religious Liberty Law


Bryan Adams has decided to cancel a concert in Mississippi over the state’s new controversial religious liberty law.

The law, which allows some private businesses and religious groups to refuse service to gay people, was passed last week.

Bryan Adams issued a statement saying he could not “in good conscience” perform in Mississippi.

The singer added he found it “incomprehensible that LGBT citizens are being discriminated against”.

Bryan Adams was due to play the Mississippi Coast Coliseum in Biloxi on April 14.

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Photo Facebook

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant signed HB1523 into law on April 5 amid opposition from equal rights groups and businesses.

The law offers protection for Christians who adhere to traditional views of marriage and gender roles, which Governor Phil Bryant said “protects sincerely held religious beliefs and moral convictions”.

The new law will take effect from July 1.

Bryan Adams said he was using his voice to “stand in solidarity with all my LGBT friends to repeal this extremely discriminatory bill”.

“Hopefully Mississippi will right itself and I can come back and perform for all of my many fans. I look forward to that day.”

Bryan Adams’s cancelation comes after Bruce Springsteen canceled a show in North Carolina last week because of a new law in that state.

Bruce Springsteen joined business groups in condemning the law which rolls back local anti-discrimination measures that protected gay and transgender people.

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