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Liam Gallagher and Nicole Appleton Face $1.2M Divorce Bill


Liam Gallagher has told a court he would like to re-enter the music business and to reform Oasis, but there is currently no chance of it happening.

The Oasis frontman has given evidence in a legal dispute with ex-wife Nicole Appleton over how their assets should be split.

In his ruling, Judge Martin O’Dwyer revealed that Liam Gallagher “would like to re-enter the music business”, but says there is “no prospect” of that.

Much of the hearing was private, but it was revealed that the pair had spent £800,000 ($1.2 million) on legal fees.

Judge Martin O’Dwyer said he was concerned at how much the pair, who separated in 2013 after five years of marriage, had spent on their battle at the Central Family Court in London.

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“The level of costs in this case, totaling over £800,000, are manifestly excessive for the determination of the dispute, which involves capital sums not much greater at the end of the day than £10 million.”

After hearing evidence from the pair several months ago, Judge Martin O’Dwyer decided their money and property should be divided equally, with each receiving £5.4 million.

The judge had originally banned all reporting of the case, but has now allowed much of his ruling to be released.

Referring to Oasis, the judge wrote: “It was formed in 1991 and discontinued in 2009, it is said after an argument between [Liam Gallagher] and his brother.

“[Liam Gallagher] says there are no plans to reform and, although he would like to do so, he does not anticipate there is a possibility currently of any such reform.

“Subsequent to Oasis, [Liam Gallagher] formed another group called Beady Eye but they disbanded in 2014.”

The judge added: “Although he expressly would like to re-enter the music business, currently he says there is no prospect of that.”

After Oasis split, Liam Gallagher’s brother and former bandmate Noel formed his band High Flying Birds, who are going on tour in 2016.

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