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Five Important Dating Rules


Not all dating rules should be strictly followed. Thus, if you have a strong desire to call a girl, you should not wait 3 days (as one of the first date rules tells) to hear her voice or to ask her for another date. Just follow the dictates of heart. However, there are several rules that you should never break, otherwise you risk to mess up your relationships.

Here are 5 important dating rules by Russian Brides Agency that will help you build sturdy relationships.

Be Yourself

It is crucial to date a person, who will love you with all your good and bad traits, with all your little peculiarities and weaknesses incident to human nature. Otherwise saying, give your date a chance to know you and to accept you as such. Never pretend to be someone else, laugh at things that make you laugh, wear your favourite clothes, talk about the things you are interested in, visit your favourite places together and so on. Your date has the right to know the real you! Do not be afraid of being rejected, as if a person does not understand you, he/she is definitely not your match.

Do Not Lie

Statistics shows that dishonesty is one of the most common reasons that trigger breach in relations. Sturdy relationships can be built only on a solid foundation and this foundation is nothing else but an absolute trust between the two people. Even the most innocent lie can ruin even the most long-lasting relationships. So, always be honest and do not let dishonesty ruin your life.

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Do Not Compare

No one likes to be compared to some other person. So never compare your date with your ex, friends of parents. You are dating a person you do not know well, so give your date an opportunity to feel at ease and open his/her heart. When trying to compare your date with your ex, you have no chances to know your date and to sort out your feeling toward the person sitting in front of you. Better focus on getting to know your date and forget about comparison, as each person is unique.

Pay Attention to Red Flags

When you date someone, you need to be at ease. If you feel any discomfort, or if there is

something about your date’s behavior that makes you feel uncomfortable never force yourself to continue the date. Also never agree doing things that may threaten your health and never join activities that you believe are improper.

Know What You Want

Before dating someone, it is crucial to understand what you are looking for and what kind of relationships you expect to have. Take time to get priorities straight and decide what exactly you are looking for in relationships. Is it just a gentle dalliance or are you looking for a life partner? Are you dating someone just because your are tired of being lonely or do you really want to have sturdy relationships? If you find answers to these questions, building relationships will be a lot easier.

Building relationships is not easy, as just one interesting development can ruin all your plans and expectations. Indeed, human relationships never develop according to a formula, so there are no universal rules and recommendations that will help you predict and avoid difficulties.  The mentioned above rules are also not universal ones, but hopefully, they will help you avoid disappointment in love.