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VW Emissions Scandal: Countries Investigating Dieselgate


About 11 million VW vehicles worldwide have diesel engines with software “irregularities”.

The automaker plans to set aside 6.5 bn euros ($7.3 bn) in Q3 2015 to cover the costs of addressing the issue. The amount of provisions it needs could still change as the investigation continues, VW said.

United States: Scandal emerged following findings by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Department of Justice and New York regulators have launched criminal investigations

Germany: Transport Ministry to send fact-finding committee to VolkswagenVW Dieselgate scandal 2015

Canada: Environmental Agency investigating some 100,000 Volkswagen and Audi diesel cars

Switzerland: Task force set up to investigate. Switzerland has temporarily banned the sale of VW diesel-engine models which could have devices capable of tricking emission tests.

Italy: Spot checks to be carried out on at least 1,000 diesel vehicles, transport minister says

United Kingdom: Vehicle Certification Agency to re-run lab tests and compare with “real-world” driving emissions

France: Random checks on 100 diesel cars aimed at “ensuring the absence of fraud”, says Environment Minister Segolene Royal

South Korea: Environment Ministry to investigate 4-5,000 Jetta, Golf and Audi A3 vehicles, could extend to all German diesel cars if problems found

Norway and India opening fraud investigations