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Josh Greenberg Dead: Grooveshark Co-Founder Dies Aged 28

Josh Greenberg, the co-founder of recently-shut down music streaming website Grooveshark, has been found dead in his Florida home, local police have said.

Josh Greenberg, who was aged 28, created Grooveshark in 2006.

According to Gainesville police, there was “no evidence of foul play or suicide”.

Grooveshark closed in April this year following years of legal action from several record labels.Josh Greenberg dead at 28

A US court had determined that the site could be liable for $736 million in damages after it was judged to have willfully breached copyright when building the service’s music library.

In closing the site, its owners posted a statement, which read: “Despite [the] best of intentions, we made very serious mistakes. We failed to secure licenses from rights holders for the vast amount of music on the service.

“That was wrong. We apologize. Without reservation.”

Josh Greenberg’s mother Lori told the Gainesville Sun newspaper that her son had been in good spirits.

“He was excited about potential new things that he was going to start,” Lori Greenberg said, adding that she did not believe he had any health concerns.

At the company’s peak, the newspaper said, Grooveshark employed 145 people.

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