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Donald Trump Files Lawsuit Against Univision


Donald Trump has filed a $500 million lawsuit against Spanish-language TV network Univision.

Univision had cancelled its contract to broadcast the Miss USA pageant which is co-owned by Donald Trump.

The network had said last week it would not air the Miss USA pageant because of what it called insulting remarks about Mexican immigrants.

Donald Trump is running for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination.Donald Trump sues Univision 2015

He has accused Univision of stifling his freedom of speech in order to boost the Democratic Party frontrunner, Hilary Clinton.

While announcing his candidacy earlier this month, Donald Trump had accused Mexico of sending rapists and other criminals to the US.

Donald Trump also pledged to build a “great wall” on the US border with Mexico and insisted it would be paid for by Mexicans.

He later insisted he was criticizing US lawmakers, not Mexican people.

NBC has also said it would not be airing the Miss USA and the Miss Universe pageants both owned by Donald Trump.

Responding to the announcement, Donald Trump said he would consider suing NBC.