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Jake Lloyd Arrested in South Carolina After High Speed Chase


Former child star Jake Lloyd has been arrested after a high-speed chase in South Carolina.

Jake Lloyd, 26, starred in 1999’s Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace, paying a young Anakin Skywalker.

He faces charges after failing to stop for police in South Carolina.

A former talent agent confirmed to Colleton County Sheriff’s deputy Sgt. Kyle Strickland that the man was Jake Lloyd.

The man gave his name as Jake Broadbent, a resident of Colorado.Jake Lloyd arrested 2015

He was charged with failing to stop for officers and reckless driving after hitting speeds of more than 100mph.

Deputies in coastal Charleston County initially tried to stop the car early on Wednesday afternoon, but stopped chasing after the man drove into neighboring Colleton County.

The chase lasted for more than 25 miles before Jake Lloyd drove off a highway, ploughed through a fence and continued speeding along another local road.

That road ended at a dead end but the car kept going into a wooded area before it hit several small trees and stopped.

The man hadn’t posted bail and remained in jail on Sunday evening, June 21, said Sgt. Kyle Strickland.

Jake Lloyd said in a 2012 interview that the role he performed when he was 10 years old made his youth hellish because he was bullied by other children.

His last acting credit was in Madison, which was filmed in 2000 but released in 2005.

Before his appearance in Star Wars, Jake Lloyd appeared in several episodes of ER.

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