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What To Expect (When He Pops ‘The Question’)


So, you’ve found The One… and you’re pretty sure he feels the same. When is that question going to make its enlightening entry, bringing you both together in unity until your old age together? You’re almost certain it will be soon, and while your emotions are running wild with excitement, so many questions come to mind. But, most importantly, the main question remains: Which ring will you find wrapped up in that perfect package?

This is the moment in every woman’s life when a piece of jewellery has never been more important. Of course, as you will showcase this piece of beautifully crafted jewels for the rest of your life!

While you can never know exactly what it looks like (unless you’re shopping together), let’s take a look at what it could look like. And how would we do that? Well, considering you must know your partner quite well by now, let’s dive into the possibilities… based on his personality!

The Creative Type

While in profession, he may be an artist or a designer, or just possibly the type of guy who loves to think “outside of the box”, you can imagine whichever special engagement ring he gets you is going to reflect something truly unique.

Whether it be multiple colors, various stone sizes, or a unique type of band, it certainly won’t be the traditional type. If this describes your mate, you may expect the likes of a bespoke ring, which truly centralizes his passion for creativity… and his passion for you.

So, He’s Going To Propose… (And What To Expect?!)

So, He’s Going To Propose… (And What To Expect?!)

The True Romantic

He brings you flowers when you least expect it… boxes of chocolates in a well-crafted heart shaped box is a regular event; does this sound familiar? If so, you can probably guess your partner is what they call ‘a true romantic’. This is every little girl’s dream, and you’ve found your Knight in shining armor… so what does that tell us when it comes to the ring?

If I could make an educated guess, this type of partner will almost certainly go for the classic diamond ring; a timeless work of art that will truly signify the neverending love you have for eachother. And isn’t that every little girl’s dream, come true?

The Outgoing Showstopper

He’s the life of every party, the flashiest of them all, and he sure isn’t afraid to show it. He does everything BIG and bold, whether that is in regards to his car purchase, his play on the field, in the bedroom … or in his moment of dedication to the one and only: You!

You never really know what to expect with this personality type, but one thing you do know is, it’s going to be spectacular. A fair guess, is that your ring will not only be big, but unique in every sense of the word; a real showstopper! Expect some kind of fancy coloured diamond in a non-traditional shape, to show just how much he wants the woman of his world to ‘stand out’!

The Perfectionist

We all know these types; everything has to be perfect and in-order, plans are always organized and nothing goes unnoticed. While this can sometimes be overwhelming, you can’t help but love this perfectly imperfect person who will lead your lives into loving bliss (on a schedule, of course). If this sounds like your partner, you may be in for a real treat.

Given their nature to have everything just perfect, he may think well ahead on this one and decide that there is no better way to give the perfect girl the perfect ring, then to let her choose it, herself! This may slightly take away from the ‘surprise’ factor (although I am sure he has something planned to cover that base, too), but you surely can’t deny the excitement and joy of purchasing the most important piece of jewellery, together. After all, it has to be just perfect!

No matter what the personality of your partner, the important thing to remember, is that you found that perfect person. The one who makes you laugh, picks you up when you’re down, and carries you across the finish line. And, while your ring is so very important, at the end of the day, all will be perfect when with that perfect someone… and that is truly priceless.