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B.B. King’s Children Guardianship Denied by Las Vegas Judge


A lawsuit filed by B.B. King’s children accusing the blues legend’s business manager of financial and welfare abuse has been dismissed by a Las Vegas judge.

B.B. King’s long-time manager Laverne Toney will remain in legal control of the 89-year-old’s affairs.

Three of B.B. King’s children claimed Laverne Toney was stealing money and neglecting the musician’s medical care.

The judge said investigations found no evidence of abuse or reason to take power of attorney from Laverne Toney.BB King children guardianship case

“Mr. King has counsel. I don’t have anything here that says he lacks capacity. He has some serious health issues. But he has counsel. If he feels like he’s being taken advantage of, he has remedies,” the Family Court Hearing Master, Jon Norheim said.

B.B. King, who suffers from diabetes and is currently in home-hospice care, did not attend.

The musician was forced to cancel the remainder of a tour last October when he fell ill during a show, and was later diagnosed with dehydration and exhaustion.

The judge’s ruling doesn’t prevent B.B. King’s children from returning to court to press their claim once all family members have been legally informed of the action.

“We lost the battle, but we haven’t lost the war,” his daughter Karen Williams vowed.

B.B. King’s eldest daughter Shirley King said the dispute had brought disrespect to her father’s name.

“I’m not too sure things are right. But my dad would never want this,” she said.

B.B. King is considered one of the greatest guitarists of all time.

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