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Suge Knight case: Video evidence released by Los Angeles court


A video showing Marion “Suge” Knight running over two men with his pick-up truck has been released by a Los Angeles court.

The security-camera footage, captured at a drive-in burger stand in January, is expected to be used at Suge Knight’s trial.

The judge has ruled that the Death Row Records founder will be tried for murder and attempted murder over the incident.

One of the victims was killed and the other seriously injured. Suge Knight denies the charges.

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Suge Knight’s legal team says it was an accident as their client was fleeing what he believed was an ambush attempt by the two men and others.

Prosecutors say Suge Knight deliberately ran them over.

The video – which had already been circulating on the internet – was formally reviewed during a preliminary court hearing on April 17.

The footage shows the vehicle pulling up to the burger stand and one of the victims approaching the driver’s side window. A struggle ensues.

Suge Knight’s truck is seen going into reverse, throwing the man to the ground.

It then moves forward, driving over his legs and slams into the other victim, who was killed.

Suge Knight turned himself in to authorities a day after the incident.

If found guilty, Suge Knight could face a sentence of 25 years to life in prison.