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Ed Sheeran sings Two Different Worlds with Sesame Street gang


Ed Sheeran joined Sesame Street gang a song to perform an educational song.

The 24-year-old singer filmed the program back in October 2013, but it has taken until now for bosses to unveil his performance of Two Different Worlds with Elmo, Grover and the gang.

The pop song teaches children about the different rules for when talking at home or in school.Ed Sheeran sings with Sesame Street gang

The lyrics are: “At home I can speak whenever I please. I can talk real loud and shoot the breeze.

“At school I raise my hand in the air when there’s something that I want to share.”

The Muppets sing along with Ed Sheeran as he plays his guitar.

Announcing its release Ed Sheeran posted the video on his Twitter page before adding: “Filmed that a long time ago, happy it’s finally out.”

The two minute 49 second video had been viewed more than 290,000 times on YouTube.

Last month, whilst on tour in Australia, Ed Sheeran also filmed an appearance, playing himself, in the Australian soap Home and Away.

[youtube o9_LOwDeMBA 650]

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