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North Korea test-fires four short-range missiles into sea

According to South Korean military officials, North Korea has test-fired four short-range missiles into the sea off its west coast.

In a statement, the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) said the missiles had a range of about 87 miles.

The missiles were fired from Dongchang-ri in the north of the country on April 3, the statement said.

North Korea often conducts missile tests in protest at US-South Korean military drills, one of which is ongoing.

Photo KCNA

Photo KCNA

The US and South Korea say the annual exercises are for defense training purposes, but Pyongyang calls them a rehearsal for invasion. They are always a trigger for a surge in tensions between the two Koreas.

When a drill began in March, North Korea fired two short-range ballistic missiles, and on March 13 it fired seven ground-to-air missiles into the sea to coincide with the end of one part of the drill, Operation Key Resolve.

The current drill, Foal Eagle, is continuing.

A JCS spokesman said today’s test “appeared to have been supervised by Kim Jong-un”, the AFP news agency reports.

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