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Rio Carnival 2015: Samba Parades in the Sambodromo

Rio Carnival has become world-famous through the Samba Parade, a show, a display and competition of the Rio samba schools.

The two major days are Carnival Sunday and Monday (February 15th and 16th). The second best option is the Champions´ Parade on Saturday, February 21s.

There are 4 different parades in the Sambodromo.

  1. Samba Schools in the First League (the Special Group)
    Sunday, February 15 and Monday, February 16 –
    This is “THE” Parade, the highlight of Rio Carnival. The must-see show which has made Rio de Janeiro the Carnival capital of the world. The whole big world of Carnival revolves around those two nights.
    The schools in this group are especially magnificent and sumptuous.
    The two nights are similar in terms of set-up. 6 of the best 12 samba schools parade on both Sunday and Monday.Rio Carnival 2015 Sambodrom
  2. Champions’ Parade
    Saturday, February 21 –
    The 6 best samba schools of the First League (the Special Group) parade in all their splendor once more, with fireworks.
  3. Preliminary Parades of the Second League Schools
    Friday, February 13 and Saturday, February 14
    There are 15 samba schools in this group, following the best 12 schools in the First League (the Special Group). The winner of this parades ascends to the First League (the Special Group) next year.
  4. Children`s Samba Schools
    Fat Tuesday, February 17, 19:00 (doors open at 17:00)
    Free admission
    These are branches of the big samba schools, formed by children of each community.
    Their parade follows the pattern of the big schools. Entrance to this parade is free (except the Front Boxes and Luxury Suites).[youtube y52FAp-eBFU 650]