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House of Cards Season 3 leaked on Netflix two weeks ahead its release


House of Cards Season 3 has been leaked on Netflix two weeks ahead of its scheduled release.

For 30 minutes on Wednesday afternoon, February 11, America got a glimpse of life under the iron fist of Francis Underwood.

However, as news spread the series was pulled almost as quickly as the show’s Machiavellian lead can destroy a political career.House of Cards Season 3 leaked on Netflix

Netflix denies that the leak was a marketing ploy, saying it was down to a “technical glitch”.

On Wednesday night, Netflix viewers in could watch the series online for just under half an hour.

The entire season was listed, along with episode titles and descriptions.

Although the mistake was sorted out quickly, some fans on Twitter said they were able to keep streaming episodes they had begun watching before they were removed.

The series stars Kevin Spacey as Francis Underwood, a ruthless politician on a power trip to get to the top of American politics.

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