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Who is replacing Jon Stewart on the Daily Show?


Jon Stewart is leaving Comedy Central’s The Daily Show after 16 years.

The show host made the announcement on last night’s edition.

“This show doesn’t deserve an even slightly restless host, and neither do you,” said Jon Stewart, announcing his decision to step down from The Daily Show.

Jon Stewart joined the nightly news satire in 1999 as a stand-up, but leaves as one of America’s most listened-to political commentators, and a bête-noire of the conservative establishment.

His departure leaves a big hole in the show, and Comedy Central will be relieved that Jon Stewart has yet to set an end date.Jon Stewart quits the Daily Show in 2015

Speaking on the show last night, Jon Stewart said his contract runs out in September, but his final show “might be in December, might be July. We’re still working out details”.

The most likely candidates to replace Jon Stewart on the show – Steven Colbert and Larry Wilmore – have recently taken new jobs, effectively ruling them out of the running.

Here are some of the other possible runners:

  • The Daily Show‘s youngest reporter, Jessica Williams is a graduate of the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, the comedy “improv” troupe set up by Amy Poehler.
  • The Daily Show‘s “senior British correspondent” John Oliver
  • The show correspondent, Canadian comedian Jason Jones
  • Comedy Central star Amy Schumer
  • Chris Rock
  • SNL’s Michael Che
  • Other names could be considered: Aasif Mandvi, Ricky Gervais, Rob Riggle, Rob Cordry or Olivia Munn [youtube RvC7b_d5Hn4 650]
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