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Bruce Jenner involved in deadly car crash after paparazzi chase


Bruce Jenner has been involved in a deadly car crash and he reportedly told police he was being chased by paparazzi.

The former Olympian crashed his Escalade into another car on the Pacific Coast Highway, triggering a fatal multi-vehicle accident on February 7.

The unidentified female driver of the white car into which Bruce Jenner slammed is believed to have been the person who died in the chaos.

According to authorities, three vehicles were involved in the crash.

Several other people were injured, although the nature of those injuries has not been disclosed.Bruce Jenner car crash 2015

Bruce Jenner was seen walking around and is reportedly unharmed after the accident.

A rescue helicopter transported one person from the scene of the crash to Pepperdine University. It is not clear whether the victim was dead or merely among the injured.

Eyewitnesses told TMZ that Bruce Jenner, allegedly trying to evade paparazzi, rear ended the white car, sending it into oncoming traffic, where it was destroyed by a Hummer, killing the white car’s driver at the scene.

The gossip website cites family sources who say Bruce Jenner told responders that as many as five paparazzi photographers were following him when the crash occurred.

Bruce Jenner’s Escalade was hauling a Polaris UTV at the time.

Police gave Bruce Jenner a sobriety test, which he is said to have passed.

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