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Bobbi Kristina Brown spent up to 15 minutes underwater


According to new reports, Bobbi Kristina Brown might have been submerged for 15 minutes before being discovered in her bathtub.

Whitney Houston’s daughter is currently fighting for her life in an Atlanta hospital, but Roswell police continue to investigate the happenings that took place last Saturday morning that resulted in Bobbi Kristina Brown’s nearly drowning in her bathtub.

The E! News reported that while police aren’t considering this a criminal investigation just yet, they are actively looking into multiple people that might have been connected to Bobbi Kristina Brown.

Whitney Houston’s daughter received a visit on Saturday morning from a Comcast Xfinity cable technician, which prompted Max Lomas and Nick Gordon to go looking for her. Bobbi Kristina Brown bathtub drowning

Max Lomas apparently didn’t rush to the bathroom out of fear something was wrong with his friend’s girlfriend, but instead sought her out to get help for the cable guy. He entered when she didn’t respond to his knocks and calls.

“When Max found her he called for Nick,” a source told E! News.

Nick Gordon then proceeded to perform CPR on Bobbi Kristina Brown, 21. The source estimates that it could have been close to half-an-hour before any significant oxygen flow was returned into Bobbi Kristina Brown’s respiratory system when the paramedic arrived.

Max Lomas has told police that he doesn’t recall whether or not the bathroom door was locked at the time. But according to the source, investigators continue to press him on this because initially he had told them that the door was locked. Because he wasn’t sure if it was hard to open or actually locked, he allegedly changed his story to say he didn’t remember.

Investigators have interviewed both Maxwell Lomas and Nick Gordon multiple times and have been cooperating with authorities. The investigation has been “thorough and professional.” Police haven’t indicated any reason to believe foul play is involved.

Max Lomas and Nick Gordon partied together at an Atlanta nightclub the night before, but Bobbi Kristina Brown didn’t go with them, the source says. She was home when they returned around 6 a.m. Saturday morning. But police have been trying not only to piece together what happened after they came back but also what Bobbi Kristina Brown was doing and with whom in the hours prior.

Police have left open the possibility that someone was with her at home, and the source says it could have been Max Lomas’ girlfriend. The source also adds that police are skeptical to believe that only the cable guy, Max Lomas and Nick Gordon were in the house that morning, which is why they have been asking nearby employees whether or not they saw anyone hop Bobbi Kristina Brown’s fence.

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