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North Korea launches travel website

North Korea launched travel website dprktoday.com on December 1.

The communist country currently has a ban on international tourists entering the country due to fears of the Ebola virus.

Dprktoday.com is a Korean-language site full of the bizarre imagery and hard-to-navigate portals. Different areas of the site highlight a variety of North Korea’s attractions, from a pyramid-themed water park to aspects of local culture.

Some of the choices are a bit more confusing, including pictures of rockets and a single dog.North Korea travel website

The site is even more abnormal given that North Korea currently has a travel ban in place that would prevent tourists from entering the country anyway.

In October, authorities reportedly told tour companies they were barring international tourists from entry because of Ebola fears.

South Korea’s Yonhap News reported that the aim of the site is to “attract foreign tourists,” but since the page is exclusively in Korean, it’s unclear who exactly the target audience is.

Before the travel ban, North Korea had been on a push to encourage visitors, including building a massive ski resort over a period of just 10 months.

The website features a number of videos in addition to images and text which appears to be a beatific karaoke video featuring footage of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un.

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