Home Entertainment Mickey Rourke reportedly paid homeless Elliot Seymour to lose boxing match

Mickey Rourke reportedly paid homeless Elliot Seymour to lose boxing match

According to new reports, Mickey Rourke paid mentally ill homeless fighter Elliott Seymour to lose their boxing match in Russia on November 29.

Mickey Rourke, 62, stopped Elliott Seymour within two rounds at the Luzhniki stadium after he appeared to punch the buttocks of his opponent in what was described as a farcical exhibition fight.

According to MailOnline, 29-year-old Elliott Seymour was in fact a homeless drifter who trained at the same gym as Mickey Rourke and was jetted into Russia merely to make battle-weary Rourke look good.

Elliott Seymour barely threw a punch at Mickey Rourke, who has vowed to stage another four fights in Russia, where he has attracted a large following.Mickey Rourke boxing match Elliott Seymour

A source told MailOnline: “It was clearly a fixed fight. The whole bouncing off the ropes, hands down, punches were not landing and they were intentionally hitting each other’s gloves.

“There are people at Wild Card gym who know that Elliot’s in a really terrible situation and pretty much living on the streets; these are Mickey Rourke’s people who Elliot’s been around and known for some time.”

A family source revealed text messages believed to be from Elliott Seymour’s friend, who helped organize the boxer’s passport for his flight to Russia. His mental stability was even questioned, but the latter claimed he would be fine since he’d be with “movie people.”

According to the unnamed family source, Elliott Seymour developed mental issues following the fall of his boxing career years ago when he turned professional. He allegedly started having problems with “anger issues and became rude and volatile” that his family had to request for a restraining order against him. The source claims he has been living on the streets for 18 months since May 2013. Seymour himself writes about being homeless on his Facebook page and frequents Pasadena’s Starbucks, where the manager confirmed he is homeless.

Mickey Rourke returned to boxing after 20 years and his first win happened in Moscow.

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