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7 Unusual Places College Students Study


Studying requires focus, and the ability to completely submerse yourself in a subject. It is absolutely necessary in college to absorb all of the information you are taking in, and to make the investment in your education worthwhile. So, all college students must have their own quiet and private place where they go to fully focus, right?
Well it turns out this is not so much the case. While a library or quiet room seems ideal, college life can be pretty hectic. Between classes, friends, social activities, family, work and whatever else may come up, studying becomes something that gets fit in wherever possible. Although the ideal scenario is studying without distractions, here are 7 unusual places studying actually happens:

On the Way to Class

Yikes, talk about procrastination. One very common place for studying is while actually walking to class. This is unusual because you are multi-tasking to the extreme. How effective can this study walking be? Well you are taking in some information, while also watching where you are walking, watching out for other people and processing anything that happens along the way. This is obviously not the best use of time out there, and may result in injuring yourself, but it happens.

Waiting in Line

Why not make the best use of your time while waiting? This can be a bit difficult when standing in a short line, but in long lines like at the DMV where you can sit down, this can be a great opportunity to get in some cramming. Just make sure you don’t miss your turn!

At Work

This is a big one for many students who have down time at work. Whether it is on their lunch hour, or after their boss goes home for the day, down time at work can be an opportunity to pull out the books. Students should be cautioned though, most employers aren’t paying you to study, so you may be without those much needed paychecks if you keep studying on the clock.

At the Gym

Have you ever seen a person running on a treadmill and flipping through pages? This may actually not be a bad idea, as it can make the time pass by more quickly and keep your body in shape. The mind is also actually more alert when the heart rate is elevated. However, you may get your book a bit sweaty. Also, the treadmill or stationary bike is a lot easier to study on than say, an ab machine or bench press, so choose your study workout wisely.

In the Bathroom

Okay this one is a bit gross, but students report that one

Most Unusual Places to Study

Most Unusual Places to Study

of the top places to study is in the bathroom. Hey after all, it is a place you can be alone and should be pretty quiet.

In the Passenger Seat of a Car

Sometimes you have time to kill while riding in the car, so keeping your study materials with you can be helpful when in the passenger seat. Just make sure not to attempt this while driving for obvious reasons.

At a Party

Studying at a party may be hard to imagine, but think about this scenario. You are reading and your roommate invites over some friends, then picks up some beer, turns on some music and all of a sudden you are studying in the middle of a party. Drinking and get-togethers are quite common during the college years, and studying needs to be done, so sometimes they happen together. The real concern is will you remember what you studied in the morning?
In the real college world, there are the 7 unusual, but common, places college students study. How many of these places have you studied?

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