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How to Start a ‘New Age’ Business


When starting a New Age business, normal small business principles apply. As with any other type of business, the key areas you have to focus on include product or service development, the writing of a business plan, budgeting for initial set-up costs and other financial planning, marketing efforts, and finally the successful management of the business.

With a New Age business concept, defining the type of products or services that you plan to specialize in plays an important role. There are various fields that you can focus on, such as gift ideas, healing services, books, and interior decorating that are based on New Age principles or New Age training services. The type of product or service that you specialize in will determine the initial set-up costs, the type of rental space required (if any), the selection of an ideal location and the number of employees required. With New Age businesses, it’s important to budget for business internet service to ensure a reliable connection.

Managing your own business is hard work and it is crucial that you have enough passion and self belief if you want to make it work. One reason many people cite in starting a New Age business is to enhance people’s lives. Find out what it is that you have a passion for and focus on building your business on that passion.

By creating a vision and mission statement for your business, you will be able to define your ideals and set reachable targets. This process will help you determine the best type of product or service for your business. When you have finalized your business concept, the next step will be to research what your potential customers will be looking for and how much they will be willing to pay for it.

Before making a decision on the location of your business, have a look at the potential customer groups in each area that you are considering. Locations that are close to eco-friendly housing communities will be ideal for health and holistic living products or services. Decide if you want to focus on working professionals, housewives or students and look for a location that can provide you with access to your target group.

The branding of your business is vital to creating a successful venture. Think carefully about the colors, shapes, designs and the signage of your business. Is the personality and aim of your business reflected in the branding? Can customers easily identify your business and the type of products or services offered?

One of the marketing ideas that you can consider is to showcase your brand at local fairs, events, and industry trade shows. The use of flyers and advertisements in the print and online media, as well as involvement with community events are effective promotional tools. Consider hosting regular events at your shop where potential customers can be introduced to your brand. Running specials or competitions can expose your brand to even more potential customers.

The online presence of your business is a powerful promotional tool. Consider investing in a professionally designed website and hosting to ensure that visitors can find your business online. Social media marketing is an essential part of any successful online marketing campaign. It is important to reach your target audience by using all of the available marketing and promotional tools at your disposal.

Continue to use all of the resources and tools that you can find online. Also, creating a network of entrepreneurs and industry professionals will help drastically. If you have the passion and self-belief, you will make a success of your New Age business.