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Giorgio Faletti dies in Turin aged 63


Giorgio Faletti died on Friday, July 4, in Turin, Italy, at the age of 63.

The Italian author and actor died from an incurable illness.

Giorgio Faletti earned a law degree before starting his eclectic show business career as a comedian on several Italian TV shows. He went on to enjoy great success and acclaim as a singer/songwriter, actor and painter.

Giorgio Faletti died from an incurable illness

Giorgio Faletti died from an incurable illness

His first novel, I Kill, published 2002, was an international sensation, topping the bestseller lists in Italy for over a year and selling more than 5 million copies to become one of the bestselling books in the history of Italy. The book has since been published in 35 countries and translated into 25 languages.

Giorgio Faletti’s later works include The Killer in My Eyes (2004), I Am God (2009), Three Acts and Two Strokes (2011) and A Pimp’s Notes (2012).

As an actor, Giorgio Faletti starred in Fausto Brizzi’s 2006 Italian teen comedy Notte prima degli esami (Night Before the Exams), which is considered a cult hit amongst European teens.

Giorgio Faletti’s funeral service will take place on July 8 in his hometown of Asti, where he lived with his wife Roberta.

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