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How to re-light the passion in your relationship


What do you do when you feel like your relationship has become stuck in a rut? Depending on the circumstances, there are different options available to you.

If you’re young and there are no kids involved, then ending a relationship may not be a big deal. You may have only been going out for a few months and not moved in together, in which case, although it might be difficult to end the relationship as you’ll upset the other person, at least it can be a fairly ‘clean’ break. It’s worse, of course, if you have a property together, or even just live in rented accommodation together, but there are always ways out of a relationship if that’s what you decide to do.

If, however, you are in a long-term relationship or marriage and have children, it can be an entirely different proposition.

i'll take you away, turn this place into our private getawayOf course, most people try to work out the problems in their relationship before they throw in the towel and split up. They originally fell for their partner for a reason – they were physically attracted to them, they were friends before they became lovers – whatever it may be, long-term relationships are often worth fighting for.

There are different ways you can approach relationship problems. Maybe it’s just that you’ve taken each other for granted for too long; the relationship might have lost that special feeling that it used to have. Life has a habit of getting in the way too, and with kids and work taking up so much time and energy, then nurturing the relationship with your partner can sometimes go by the wayside.

Some couples find that having a ‘date night’ is a good way to rebuild the closeness they once had. Making time to spend alone with each other allows you time to get reacquainted, to talk and listen to each other without the distraction of having other people around, to remember why it was that you fell in love in the first place. Putting a regular date night in the diary can make all the difference to some couples.

Other couples might have problems that run deeper than that. They might need help from a third party to look at and analyse their relationship without things disintegrating into an argument. Some people choose to have relationship counseling or to have psychic readings together. Having a neutral third party can sometimes be useful in getting a better understanding of how each other’s behavior can make the other person feel.

It’s not always possible to rekindle the ‘magic’ in a relationship once it has been lost, but it’s certainly worth giving it a try, especially if you have children together, for their sake as much as your own.

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