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Scaredy Cats and Dogs 2013: Philippine Animal Welfare Society Halloween event


Animal lovers in Manila, Philippines, got their pets into the spirit of Halloween by dressing them up in spooky costumes.

The crowd of mostly dogs and cats donned colorful outfits ranging from vampires and headless horsemen to corpse brides.

Some owners even came with their own matching set of outfits and did some basic stunts with their pets.

On October 26, 2013, animal lovers are expected to be at the Eastwood Open Park for the SCAREDY CATS & DOGS 2013, a fund-raising Halloween event for the benefit of the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) Animal Shelter.

PAWS Executive Director Anna Carbrera said: “We always tell people to spend more time with your pets – that includes the holidays like Halloween.

“So when people like to dress up, they also like to dress up their pets and you see that they’re closer.”

For Julie Imperio and her pet Chihuahua, Halloween is all about having fun.

Julie Imperio said: “Halloween, for me and my pet, means a time for enjoyment by dressing up and being a kid, doing some trick or treating and attending parties.”

Scaredy Cats and Dogs 2013

Scaredy Cats and Dogs 2013

Now on its 10th year, kids & pet-lovers can once again dress up themselves and their pets and compete in the fun costume contest. Categories are as follows:

Crypt Keeper’s Choice – Most Original Costume

Casper’s Choice – Cutest Costume

Phantom’s Pick – Most Creative Costume

Scream of the Crop – Scariest Costume

Midnight Society – Best Group in Costume

Halim-Aw-Aw Award – Best Native Dog in Costume

Hali-Meow Award – Best Native Cat in Costume

Best Ghoulist Partners – Best Pet & Guardian Tandem

Mr. Boogeyman – Best Male in Costume

All Hallow’s Eve – Best Female in Costume

Transylvanian Star – Best Pet in Costume

[youtube 471ikugYcQk 650]

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