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Jase and Missy Robertson reveal they chose to remain abstinent until marriage


Duck Dynasty’s Jase and Missy Robertson said in a recent interview that they chose to remain abstinent until marriage as per God’s desire, and also spoke about their family values and faith in God.

“We were both virgins when we got married until our wedding night,” Jase Robertson said in an interview, whose video recording has been posted on the website of the non-profit group Abstinence Clearinghouse.

“We decided to do it God’s way and basically had a godly agreement that we would help each other get to heaven,” he said.

The Duck Dynasty series revolves around the Robertson family-owned duck call business in Louisiana, Duck Commander, and their strong Christian faith. The company produces duck hunting products, including a duck call.

A staggering 11.8 million viewers tuned in to watch the premiere of the fourth season of the series earlier this month to make it the most watched reality show ever on cable television.

“What attracted us to each other was what we saw in each other in our faith,” Missy, Jase Robertson’s wife, said.

“We’ve been very happy for 22 years before the money started coming in,” she added.

Jase and Missy Robertson said they chose to remain abstinent until marriage as per God's desire

Jase and Missy Robertson said they chose to remain abstinent until marriage as per God’s desire

Missy Robertson said they can now see the same commitment in their children.

“And what an influence we can have on our children with that testimony. Our oldest son has been dating a great girl for over a year and a half and they also have the same commitment,” she said.

“So it’s just such a wonderful joyous time as a parent to see that and the commitment they have as children wanting to do that also.”

Jase Robertson added the world will benefit if they followed God’s desire.

“A lot of people just think that that’s unreasonable or preposterous,” he said.

“But you know, if everybody chose to do it God’s way, the world would be a lot better off.”

Jase Robertson also shared why he believes fame and fortune are frivolous to him.

“…We were raised really poor, my brothers, we had one bed, one room. But nobody told us we were poor and I was just as happy,” he said.

“The reason is because we loved who we were with, with our family. That’s really the reason why we love to hunt. It’s not so much about what we get to eat or how many ducks we shoot, it’s about who we’re with.”

Jase Robertson stated that following God brings happiness in a family.

“It’s a great testimony because we’re like, ‘Look, we don’t do this because we’re representing some organization. We do it because we trust in God and we believe that His way is the better way, in all things in life,” he said.

“I’m going to use whatever God blesses me with as a platform to tell the world that God is for you. He proved it through sending Jesus down here to die for us and be resurrected. And for us that gives us second chances and it gives us hope, and so we spread that message everywhere.”

All the cast members of the series often display their Christian faith in the episodes and are seen at the end of each program engaging in prayer.

The men of the Robertson family, brothers Phil and Si, and Phil’s sons Jase, Willie, and Jep, have become popular for their signature beards. Phil Robertson started the business in a family shed and spent 25 years making duck calls from Louisiana cedar trees.

“Thanks to its authentic and engaging characters, Duck Dynasty has become more than just a reality show, it is a cultural phenomenon,” David McKillop, executive vice president, of A&E told Inside TV last week.

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